What is Ethereal Summit?

Ethereal Summit is an event that takes place May 11-12th at the Knockdown Center in NYC.

This event aims to bring people together from all walks of life: futurists, entrepreneurs, investors, media icons, government officials, artists, musicians, and humanitarians for two days of storytelling and knowledge sharing around a blockchain-powered future.

In the spirit of nurturing creative research, development, and action, we are sponsoring a $50k grant paid in ETH to support up to 10 creative projects that interweave technology and art.

Beginning in January 2018, interested participants are invited to join our community for in-person and online workshops to connect with other artists and learn about blockchain and Ethereum.

If you're interested in participating, please email us at art@etherealsummit.com

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An Ethereal Manifesto

Ethereal is the nexus between technology and the people who change the world.

We are a group of people who believe that the world can be organized differently. Organized in a decentralized, more efficient, and democratizing way. We believe this world can be built on a fundamentally new technology - blockchain - which by its nature is a fluid, open, networked innovation.

Our mission is to create systems that enable humanity to move with a shared purpose. Our work allows value to flow seamlessly across networks of people, distributing abundance among the many rather than concentrating among a few. We envision a world blooming with plurality, and bound together by consensus - one where we are free to realize the highest expression of human potential.

We Believe In:


We believe in sharing information. Everyone is smarter than you in at least one thing. Learn from that one thing :)


Nothing should be hidden. If knowledge is power, we can all learn and grow together.


Communication is key to success. Ask questions! You can't learn what you don't ask.


Encourage everyone to speak their mind. No one should be excluded, this technology spans every walk of life.


We can't sit around waiting for the world to change. It's our responsibility to change the world - no one else is going to do it.


Treat everyone as a family. Ethereal aims to bring everyone together.

Social impact, not mindless capital

We don't believe in gambling the success of our future. We believe in doing good through thoughtful investment, and we want people to feel they are co-creators of a better world.

Technology can be a tool for change. Whether we decide if this change is for good or evil, it is the catalyst that drives our society forward. The tools for connecting the dots are finally here. Blockchains can be used to help us reorganize society to embody our beliefs. It's okay if you don't understand blockchains yet, we promise you will have an 'aha' moment.

2018 Grant Theme

Blockchain has opened up a monumental space for imagination. Decentralized applications promise self-sovereign identity, decentralized governance, prediction markets, global access to finance, and other planetary paradigm shifts. But when you looks closer, the ecosystem is still young. Technology remains amoral, and each new innovation has it’s dark side.

For Dreamers:

When you think about a decentralized future of abundance, what do you foresee will have changed for humanity? What new tools will we have created? How will the physical and digital world evolve? How will we interact in new ways, day to day? How can this technology enable a creative renaissance?

For Skeptics:

What happens if/when we introduce markets into everything we do? Where do ethics have a place in this technology? Are market demand and validation the only values we should operate by as a society, as a business, and ultimately as an individual? Is this technology creating a new religion? Is this the snake eating its own tail? Are we accelerating to accelerationism?

Who Can Apply

Artists and collectives working in any discipline may apply. We are committed to supporting the vision of the winning projects and may provide in-kind support of equipment, tools, and installation assistance. Please outline requested in-kind support in the budget proposal.

Ethereal Summit is committed to embracing and enhancing equality, diversity, inclusion, and access to arts and culture. We encourage applications from communities across racial, ethnic, geographic, socio-economic, cultural, age, gender, disability and sexual orientation spectrums.

Required Materials

  1. Detailed description, walk-through and rendering of proposed work - 500 words including

    1. Media type: ie. sculpture, painting, audio/video installation, multimedia, interactive/new media, websites-that-are-art, games, augmented reality, VR, etc

    2. Dimensions required to show your work

    3. Details of set-up and/or viewing requirements

    4. Renderings, sketches, or photos of models

  2. Artist/collective statement (250 words/teammate)

  3. Resume/CV for each participant

  4. Portfolio or work sample submission:

    1. Visual arts - up to 10 images in one of the following formats: jpg, tiff, png

    2. Performance or Media arts - up to 2 works samples not to exceed 5 minutes in total of video or audio. Work samples may be submitted in one of the following formats: Link to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive/Dropbox (GIF, MP3, MP4, WAV, MOV)

    3. Links to website/social media

  5. Budget/Overview of how will funds be used and equipment/technology needs

  6. (Optional) Link to past publicity - up to 3 articles or reviews

Grant Details

  • Knockdown Center Floorplan

  • Grants will range from 1-10 ETH per project

  • Important dates

    • Jan 14, 2018 - Grant Launch
    • Feb 1st - Ethereum 101 Meetup (SF/NYC/Remote)
    • March 1st - Art proposal submissions due
    • March 10th - Winners announced (Accepting completed/finished work submissions until April 20th)
    • May 10 - Art delivered to venue
    • May 11-12 - Ethereal Summit in Queens, NY


  • How well does the artist/collective communicate their vision and concept?

  • Does this creative project have a strong tie on with the expressed theme(s)?

  • Does the piece explore the promises or questions surrounding blockchain technology?

  • Does the artist/collective display ability to deliver similar scale projects?

  • How thought-provoking, educational, and/or sensorily appealing is this project?

Apply Now

For all inquiries please email art@etherealsummit.com