ConsenSys and The Foundation for Art & Blockchain are inviting you to participate in the second annual Ethereal Art’s Grant program!

Ethereal brings together an international group of contemporary artists that are working with blockchain technology as a medium for conceptual and social experimentation. Recognizing that blockchains are an inherently social medium, our foremost consideration must be the cultures we form around them. Therefore, this year’s exhibition will explore how technology shapes these cultures of the future.

We are seeking artists that are interested in exploring this with us and believe they have an idea, artwork, or message that is capable of doing so.

2019 Grant Theme:

Blockchain has opened up a monumental space for imagination. Decentralized applications promise self-sovereign identity, decentralized governance, prediction markets, global access to finance, and other planetary paradigm shifts. But when you look closer, the ecosystem is still young. Technology remains amoral, and each new innovation has it's dark side.

for dreamers:

When you think about a decentralized future of abundance, what do you foresee will have changed for humanity? What new tools will we have created? How will the physical and digital world evolve? How will we interact in new ways, day to day? How can this technology enable a creative renaissance?

for skeptics:

What happens if/when we introduce markets into everything we do? Where do ethics have a place in this technology? Are market demand and validation the only values we should operate by as a society, as a business, and ultimately as an individual? Is this technology creating a new religion? Is this the snake eating its own tail? Are we accelerating to accelerationism?

Have an idea? Apply for an Arts Grant!

Up to five Ethereal Art’s Grants will be open for proposal this year (Up to $5,000 each)

Already have an artwork that fits within this theme?

Apply to have it included in the exhibition.

Ethereal Charity Auction

With the help of, this year’s Ethereal Charity Auction will be bigger and more impactful than ever. A collection of donated and commissioned works will be included in a live-auction at the event on May 12th. Proceed will be benefiting The Foundation for Art & Blockchain, a non-profit that’s mission is to foster the culture of this technological movement and empower artists with renewed creative agency.