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The Ethereal Arts program brings together an international group of contemporary artists working with public blockchains as a medium for conceptual and social experimentation. This exhibition features works including commissions from nine artists and art collectives taking up themes of trustless social organization, structural inequity, extrastate conflict, techno-piety, and digital commons, using the technology and language of distributed ledgers as material for critical investigation.

The body of selected works begins with a recognition that blockchains are an inherently social medium, thus to become a truly liberating technology, our foremost consideration must be the cultures we form around them.

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Codex Rare Art Labs Art Auction

Over 50 works of art from artists around the world will be sold as part of a fixed price sale by Rare Art Labs and live auction by Codex Protocol. Artists featured include Kevin Abosch, creator of the Forever Rose, Cryptograffiti and a unique Ethereal Cryptokitty. Works can be bought online and in person and you can pay with cryptocurrency.

Proceeds from the sale will go to the Foundation for Art and Blockchain which will be used to promote and support artists working with blockchain technology. More details about participating in the sale and the artworks available can be found at www.codexprotocol.com/ethereal

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