9:00 am


Welcoming remarks with:

Amanda Gutterman, CMO (ConsenSys)
Jesse Grushack, Co-founder (Ethereal Summit)

9:05 am

Expediting Blockchain: What it Means for Businesses Today and in the Future


Chris Brodersen, Specialist Leader (Deloitte)
Jack Kiernan, Manager (Deloitte)
Dhananjay Goswami, Specialist Master (Deloitte)
Sapanpreet Narang, Chief Innovation Officer (Prescient Innovations)

Moderated by Kshitish Balhotra, Manager (Deloitte)


Embracing new technology can be difficult, and switching systems can take years and cost millions of dollars. But enterprises that ignore the transformative potential of blockchain risk being left behind by their competitors. What can they do effectively integrate blockchain into their business models today, and what will it mean for the future of enterprise technology?

9:40 am

The Consortium Conundrum

Sophia Lopez, Founder  & COO (Kaleido)
Jesus Rodriguez, Managing Partner (Invector Labs)
Aaron Wright, Founder & CEO (OpenLaw)
Phil Kelly, National Director of Business Development (ConsenSys)


Building a blockchain is hard. Forming a blockchain consortium and getting to production is even harder. But the potential payoffs are limitless. This panel of blockchain experts will share key trends, learnings and the insights needed to help tackle the challenges that lie ahead, with lessons from leading innovators in production that demonstrate how to apply best practices to solve the consortium conundrum.

10:05 am

The Smart Contract War is Coming

Tom Shaughnessy, Co-Founder & Principal (Delphi Digital)
Tanner Hoban, Director of ConsenSys Capital (ConsenSys)
Ryan Selkis, Co-Founder & CEO (Messari)

Moderated by Camila Russo (formerly of Bloomberg, writing a new book on Ethereum)


We’ll discuss whether Ethereum can maintain its lead among smart contracts competitors until 2.0 architecture scales, with a focus on the economics of Ethereum 2.0 compared to other cryptoassets, including Bitcoin.

10:45 am

Global Ambitions, Local Impact

Clyde Vanel (New York State Assembly)
Joyce Lai (The Brooklyn Project)


What a local assembly member is doing to ensure that his district will benefit from the global blockchain revolution.

11:10 am

Narrative Battlelines

Nathaniel Whittemore, Curator (Long Read Sundays)


How the competition to control the narrative shapes the industry as a whole, featuring a look at some of today’s most important and hotly contested narrative battles.

11:40 am

Understanding The State of Blockchain Regulation

Teana Baker-Taylor, Executive Director (Global Digital Finance)
Caitlin Long, Cofounder (Wyoming Blockchain Task Force)
Pat Berarducci, Head of Digital Assets (ConsenSys Digital Finance)

Moderated by Anna Irrera, Fintech Correspondent and Financial Companies Team Leader at Reuters


Having shaped major legislation for blockchain in 2018, our panel will explain you what you need to know about the progress made and emerging trends for 2019.

12:10 pm

Sankofa and Blockchain

Queen Diambi Kabatusuila of the Bakwa Luntu DRC


Is blockchain innovation or simply an old concept dressed in new technology that has now become a la mode again? It is always wise to look at how our forefathers have resolved common problems related to our human condition on this Earth, to seek the best way to overcome current challenges and enable Humanity propel itself into the realm of thriving future societies in harmony with our true nature and in balance with our precious environment.

12:30 pm

Lunch & Networking Break

1:00 pm

Cautious Optimism

Danny Ryan, Core Developer (Ethereum Foundation)



Although the future seems bright, Danny will discuss learning from the mistakes of the past to ensure the decentralized vision of tomorrow.

1:25 pm

Innovation and Blockchain Art

Beatriz Helena Ramos, Founder (Dada.nyc)
Matt Hall (CryptoPunks and AutoGlyphs)
Jason Rosenstein, CEO (Portion.io)
Kevin Abosch (IAMACOIN, Yellow Lambo)
Fanny Lakoubay, COO (snark.art)

Moderated by Jason Bailey, Founder of the art and tech blog blog Artnome and the DankRares podcast



Blockchain has captured the imagination of artists around the world and led to some truly creative and innovative work. Join us for a panel with several of the top innovators in the blockchain art space as they discuss where we have been and where we think things are going in the future of blockchain and art.

1:55 pm

21st Century Learning


Natalia Ameline, Co-Founder (CryptoChicks)
Rhonda D. Eldridge, Ambassador, US and Bahamas (CryptoChicks)


Learning, no different than all aspects of human existence, is feeling the changes fueled by combinatorial technological innovation. Growing up, our classrooms were physical spaces orbiting around a central authority: the teacher. Now, a smartphone could be a classroom and the teacher a bot with programmed responses. In this talk, we will discuss the new dimensions of learning in the 21st century.



2:15 pm

The Anatomy Of A Crypto Market Bottoming

Travis Kling, Founder and Chief Investment Officer (Ikigai Asset Management)


A qualitative and quantitative review of  1) where we are; 2) broadly how we got here; 3) specifically how we got here; and 4) what the chances are we’ve bottomed.

2:50 pm

Announcement from Ameen Soleimani, Cofounding Member of Moloch DAO

2:55 pm

Coffee Break

3:15 pm

Announcement from Team Slingshot

3:20 pm

Evolving Ourselves With Blockchain

Sam Cassatt, Chief Strategy Officer (ConsenSys)

3:40 pm

Value Capture at Layer 1 and Layer 2: The Competition and Tradeoffs

Tushar Jain, Cofounder and Managing Partner (Multicoin Capital)
Jinglan Wang, Cofounder (Plasma Group)
Jack O’Holleran, Founder and CEO (Skale Labs)
Ameen Soleimani, Founder and CEO (SpankChain), Founding Member (Moloch DAO)

Moderated by Tanaya Macheel, Host of The Crypto Craze on Cheddar


With all attention on scaling Ethereum 2.0, this panel will discuss the onslaught of new competitors at L1 and the fundamental tradeoffs that come with L2.

  • Might we live in a world of many, many networks supporting many, many blockchains one day?
  • Will the lines between layers fade away?
  • Will we think of networks as security or execution oriented with their respective tradeoffs?

4:25 pm

Off The Chain Podcast Live Recording, Hosted by Anthony Pompliano


Anthony Pompliano, Cofounder & Partner (Morgan Creek Digital Assets)
Amber Baldet, CEO and Co-Founder (Clovyr)


From the hit Off The Chain Podcast, Morgan Creek Digital Managing Partner Anthony Pompliano will host a fireside chat with Amber Baldet, the CEO and Cofounder of Cloyvr and former lead of JP Morgan’s Ethereum-based Quorum.

5:00 pm

How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mainnet

Paul Brody, Head of Blockchain (Ernst & Young)
John Wolpert, Head of Web3Studio (ConsenSys)


Paul Brody and John Wolpert will discuss why the Mainnet is about to become essential to your private, confidential business solutions.

5:30 pm

What's Next for The Ethereum Foundation

Aya Miyaguchi, Executive Director (Ethereum Foundation)


Big updates and announcements from Ethereum Foundation Executive Director, Aya Miyaguchi!

6:00 pm

Closing Remarks

8:00 am

Doors Open


Welcoming remarks with:

Amanda Gutterman, CMO (ConsenSys)

9:05 am

Ethereal Virtual Hackathon: Awards and Demo

A celebration of the best hacks from the Ethereal Virtual Hackathon, including a live demo from the Ethereal Best in Show prize winner.

9:20 am

Taxonomy and Value Capture in a World of Liquid Assets

Chris Burniske, Partner (Placeholder)


Blockchains and related consensus systems are collapsing the cost of asset creation, custody and transfer. General purpose technologies that collapse costs aggregate the platforms of production that find use in them, begging the question of which forms of production, and related valuable assets, will grow atop these systems. Chris will talk about what he expects to see in the taxonomy, value capture and governance of the growing field of cryptoassets (cryptocurrencies, cryptocommodities, and cryptocapital), as well as ramifications for existing traditional assets (equities, bonds, physical commodities, etc).

9:50 am

The Future of Commercial Relationships

Charley Moore, Founder and CEO (Rocket Lawyer)
Aaron Wright, Founder and CEO (OpenLaw)


The founder of Rocket Lawyer will discuss with the founder of OpenLaw the role of blockchain in the future of contracts and how smart contracts do the job better.

10:20 am

Our Collective Digitization and Tokenization Journey

Yorke Rhodes, Principal PM (Microsoft Azure Blockchain)


Taking stock and paving the road ahead, a measured look at where we are, a brief look at how we got here, and the building blocks to tomorrow. Highlights of valuable use cases and community experiments and things that unlock scale, adoption, and transformation.

10:40 am

A Race for First Place: Blockchain Technology and Sports

Casey Schwab, VP, Business & Legal Affairs (NFL Players Association)
Jeff Marsilio: Senior Vice President, New Media (NBA)

Moderated by Brad Feinstein, Head of Global Business Development (ConsenSys Sports)


With the advent of blockchain technology, a new paradigm emerges to change the sporting world. Blockchain will raise the proverbial bar for how fans interact with sports, creating new market opportunities, technical efficiencies, and most importantly, a better fan experience.

11:10 am

Taking Crypto Mainstream: DeFi and Paths to Everyday Usage

Laura Shin, Host of Unchained and Unconfirmed Podcasts
Austin Griffith, Creator of the Burner Wallet
Arjun Bhuptani, Cofounder (Connext Network)


Laura Shin will record a live episode of her podcast Unconfirmed interviewing two rising stars of the DeFi ecosystem: Arjun Bhuptani, Cofounder of Connext Network and Austin Griffith, Creator of Burner Wallet.

11:40 am

Funding Open Source

Kevin Owocki, Founder and CEO (Gitcoin)


Open Source Software is the lifeblood of the blockchain economy. Find out about new funding mechanisms that are being explored in the design space of Blockchain + Open Source.

12:00 pm

Lunch & Networking Break

12:35 pm

The Future of Work

Simona Pop, Cofounder and CMO (Bounties Network)
Robby Greenfield, Cofounder (ConsenSys Social Impact)
Carlos Acevedo, Peer Collaborative Teacher and Technology Coordinator (NYC Department of Education)
Cadence Patrick, Student Ambassador (Black Girls Code)


With new decentralized applications, we can empower different communities to access a new economy they weren’t able to previously. We’ll discuss how blockchain will shape the way we work, collaborate, and earn a living now and in the future.

1:05 pm

The Herd Is Still Coming!

Mike Novogratz, CEO (Galaxy Digital)


Mike will make the case for why he’s more bullish than ever on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and our whole space.

1:35 pm

It’s All About Trust


Michael DiPetrillo, Senior Director, Blockchain Technologies (VMWare)


Come learn about why trust is the cornerstone to blockchain and understand the areas you should address in your blockchain projects to have fully, decentralized trust.

2:00 pm

Repugnant Markets & The Right to Transact

Leah Callon-Butler, Speaker and Entrepreneur

2:20 pm

The State of Design in Cryptoland

Ric Burton, CEO and Founder (Balance)
Andy Morales, Lead Designer (ConsenSys Kuiper)
Moderated by Connie Yang, Director of Design (Coinbase)


Design has been called the “killer app” of crypto. We’ll be discussing everything from the role of design in product creation, including the difficulty of data-driven design and the balance between collecting metrics and respecting user privacy.

2:50 pm

Everything You Wanted to Know About Plasma and Were Too Afraid to Ask

Georgios Konstantopoulos, Independent Consultant (Loom Network)


We’ll hear from one of the leading Plasma researchers in the world on everything Plasma; including the difference between the many Plasma variants (MVP, Cash, Debit, Flow, etc.), Plasma vs Payment Channels, does Plasma have a business model, and what has been delivered so far.

3:15 pm

Coffee Break

3:30 pm

The Role of Capital Allocators in Crypto 2019

Tushar Jain, Cofounder & Managing Partner (Multicoin Capital)
Paul Veradittakit, Head of Venture & Partner (Pantera Capital)
Jalak Jobanputra, Founder & Managing Partner (Future/Perfect Ventures)
Dovey Wan, Partner (Primitive Ventures)
Moderated by Han Kao, Founder & CEO (Crypto Briefing)


Welcome to the new market regime. 10 years into the era of crypto, markets have matured to accommodate a global infrastructure and the world’s biggest companies expecting long-term growth. Similarly, the reach, role, and influence of capital allocators has evolved far beyond simply funding; and more promising new projects are coming to market than ever. In this conversation, we bring together four of the brightest allocators in crypto and venture capital to debate and discuss how to thrive in the 2019 cryptocurrency market and blockchain industry.

4:00 pm

How Education, Leadership, and Patience Will Lead to a Brighter Future for Digital Assets

Donna Redel, Founder and CEO of Strategic 50, Board Member of New York Angels, and Former Managing Director, World Economic Forum


Ms. Redel will discuss how we move forward as a community and get the audience involved with an open Q&A session.

4:30 pm

DrumG Titanium: The Future of Data Distribution and Analytics for Financial Institutions

4:40 pm

Ethereal Keynote 2047: A Retrospective from the Other Side of the Trust Revolution

Joseph Lubin, Cofounder (Ethereum) and Founder & CEO (ConsenSys)

5:30 pm

Art Auction Sponsored by Portion.io

Portion.io bridges art, luxury, and crypto. Through their smart contracts and distributed technology, art and collectibles enter a free market. Portion will be auctioning off 15 donated and commissioned pieces of digital and physical art. Buyers will receive a certificate of ownership/authentication and proceeds will benefit the Foundation for Art and Blockchain, an organization that aims to fund artists working at the intersection of blockchain and creativity.

6:15 pm

Closing Remarks

8:00 am

Doors Open

9:45 am

Privacy: AZTEC’s Lego Kit for Private Assets

Thomas Pocock, Cofounder (AZTEC Protocol)


Thomas Pocock, Founder of AZTEC Protocol will run through the maths theory underlying AZTEC and what benefits AZTEC offers smart contract developers.

10:15 am

The Future of Ethereum and What is Ethereum 2.0?

Akhila Raju, Ethereum Protocol Engineer (PegaSys)
Cem Ozer, Applied Research Engineer (PegaSys)


Join us for an overview of Ethereum 2.0, why it’s necessary, how it works, and a look into Pegasys’s open source repo Artemis.

11:00 am

#WTF to #WTP: Saving democracy and building the tech stack for future social / political action

Bill Warren, Cofounder (Peeps)


Bill Warren will be premiering the MVP of WeThePeeps, a new platform for political / social action. With our MVP people can organize around particular political issues or goals, identify their champions in politics, and telegraph their support with easy $5 pledges. This is just the beginning of our new tech stack for political and social action.

11:20 am

Access Denied: Restoring the Openness of the Internet

Dr. Steven Waterhouse, Cofounder and CEO (Orchid Labs)


Government oversight and corporate profit are two competing forces clamoring to own the future of privacy. How do we, the users, developers, and investors, take back control and in what ways can decentralization restore the internet to borderless space, accessible to all? Blockchain has enabled new ways of connecting and transacting—a digital model that Orchid is using to open access to the internet to everyone, everywhere.

12:00 pm

Using On-Chain Data & Visualizations to Combat Information Asymmetry & Promote Transparency on Ethereum

Christian Crowley, Co-Lead of Alethio


Join Christian Crowley, Co-Lead of Alethio, a powerful blockchain data, analytics, & visualization platform as he discusses the current state of Ethereum & what matters most to the ecosystem from an on-chain data perspective. Alethio has set out to create tools to combat information asymmetry on the Ethereum blockchain & promote transparency & equitable access to meaningful data for all users. Join Christian as he uses Alethio’s visualization will discuss current challenges facing the ecosystem due to information asymmetry, particularly in the rapidly growing decentralized or open finance space.

12:20 pm

Lunch / Networking Break

12:45 pm

Applied Blockchain Consortium Innovations at GE Aviation

David Havera, Blockchain Director (GE Aviation)
Mike J. Walker, Senior Director, Applied Innovation Team (Microsoft)


This session will explore what blockchain consortiums are, the industry trends, and learn how Microsoft enables customers like GE with a common framework for blockchain strategy for consortiums. Learn how GE has built upon this strategic framework to apply blockchain to the aviation industry by applying lean six sigma to unlock the value of blockchain in an industrial setting. We will explore active use cases in part origin, flight history, and third party reconciliation that GE Aviation is creating on the Microsoft Azure Blockchain Platform.

1:15 pm

The US Army is more Sobol than Google.

Donnie Benjamin, Cofounder (Sobol)


An introduction to Sobol, the tool for self-organizing teams.

2:00 pm

The Future of Legal Contracts

Priyanka Desai, VP of Business Development (OpenLaw)


Learn how OpenLaw can generate agreements to create “smart” derivatives.

2:25 pm

Monetizing the Content and Data Economy with Connext

Arjun Bhuptani, Co-founder (Connext)


Content and data is driving the future of digital commerce. Arjun Bhuptani from Connext breaks down why this shift is occurring, the barriers that still exist for creators to effectively monetize their work, and how Connext helps content creators and data providers earn for more their work today.

2:55 pm

More Than Just Robots: How Blockchain Incentives Create Real Human Connection

Mark Beylin, CEO and Cofounder (Bounties Network)


Mark Beylin will discuss how we’ve seen blockchains can create human connection as coordinating mechanisms rather than the very cold tech mechanisms that decay our human connection.

3:10 pm

ApexE3: Data Analytics Platform for the Global Retail and Institutional Financial Community

Usman Khan, Founder and CEO (ApexE3)

3:25 pm

The Next Financial System

Nils Bundi, Cofounder of *atpar* AG (ACTUS Protocol)


The ACTUS Protocol brings financial instruments to Ethereum. With the DeFi movement arguably 0.1% of the way there, here’s the roadmap of what needs to happen next.

3:45 pm

Funding A Multi-Chain Future

Niran Babalola, Founder and Smart Contract Engineer (Panvala)


As more smart contract platforms launch their networks, it’s becoming clear that it can be more profitable to compete with Ethereum than to cooperate. But there’s a path forward that can keep our community working together to fulfill the Ethereum vision instead of splintering apart.

4:05 pm

Tiger Trading: Institutional grade execution software for the neglected retail crypto trader

Alan Keegan, CSO of Tiger Trading


Alan will talk about why the main pain points of the retail trading experience have persisted, and unveil the first public look at the beta for Tiger Trading’s retail trading platform.

4:20 pm

Enterprise Ethereum in Healthcare & Life Sciences: Conceptualizing Adoption at Scale

Heather Flannery, Global Lead (ConsenSys Health)

4:40 pm

Wall Street’s Decentralized Data Engine: A Live Quorum Implementation

Benjamin Nadareski, General Manager, Titanium Network


Ben will discuss and show live how the use of a permissioned blockchain network (Quorum) directly solves modern day issues in data handling and insights for financial institutions, eliminating inefficiencies that effect trillions of dollars in asset valuations, trading analytics and global benchmark rates.

4:55 pm

Journalism Starts With Trust

Dan Kinsley, CTO (Civil Media Company)
Liv Buli, Marketing Lead (Civil Media Company)
Nick Reynolds, Smart Contracts Engineer (Civil Media Company)


Civil shares its vision, mainnet TCR and latest prototype for advancing trust and sustainability for independent journalism worldwide.

5:10 pm

Insure Yourself Against Hurricanes with Rhombus and Raincoat

Jeff Rosen, Co-founder and COO of Rhombus


Jeff will discuss how Rhombus oracles, combined with Raincoat’s decentralized insurance platform, enable cheaper hurricane insurance for low-income communities in Puerto Rico.

5:25 pm

The State of NFTs 2019

Brian Flynn of (NFTY News and Cryptokitties)
Devin Finzer, CEO and Founder (OpenSea.io)
Randy Saaf, CEO (Lucid Sight)
Ryan John King, CEO and Founder (FOAM)

Moderated by Joon Ian Wong (Coindesk)


While there’s been more attention recently on DeFi applications, NFTs may be the Trojan horse that leads average consumers interact with blockchain. Come learn how our panelists believe NFTs will be the first way average consumers use blockchain through art, collectibles and games.

5:40 pm

Save App Developers, Save The (Digital) World

Danny Zuckerman, Cofounder (3Box)
Michael Sena, Cofounder (3Box)


Digital society today is broken, with large centralized entities shaping our experiences. If we distribute and make shareable the key underlying structures–user data, exclusive social graphs, and aggregated content–we’ll have a more human web. 3Box’s APIs let devs build lighter, simpler, more engaging apps that save them time and empower their users.

5:55 pm

Using Decentralized Consensus to Create Trusted Off-Chain Data for an On-Chain World

Greg Taschuk, Lead Engineer (TruSet)


An assessment of the successes and challenges of the TruSet Token Data Beta program, how the institutional crypto industry is using TruSet trusted token data, and what is next for TruSet as we look beyond tokens into new data markets.

8:00 am

Doors Open

9:10 am

ConsenSys Academy: Reinventing the Way We Learn Blockchains

Sean Au, APAC Head of Enterprise Education, ConsenSys


There’s no two ways about it, learning blockchains can be challenging at the best of times, but it doesn’t have to be. All the content is out there but the missing ingredient is how to bring it all together. Come and join ConsenSys Academy to understand the blockchain landscape and more importantly, how you can start your journey no matter your background or experience. Oh, and you’ll learn some blockchain secrets as well.

10:00 am

Privacy, Metadata and the Elixxir Solution

David Chaum, Founder and CEO (Elixxir)


Elixxir CEO and inventor of the first cryptocurrrency David Chaum explains what is necessary for the killer app to take blockchain mainstream.

10:30 am

Permissioning User Data and Empowering Audiences: The Future of Media & Entertainment

Alanna Gombert, Head of Adtech (ConsenSys)
Michael Kriak, Global Lead, Media Circle (ConsenSys)
Steven Haft, Head of Global Partnerships (ConsenSys)
Danny Zuckerman, Cofounder (3Box)


Social media and search platforms’ data harvesting business model devalues content, exploits users and hurts democracy. Learn how permissioning user data in the media and entertainment industry will rebalance the scales and reward the value creators.


11:00 am

Allinfra and the Future of Funding: Infrastructure, Renewables and Environmental Products

Dave Sandor, Cofounder and CEO
Ronnie Potel, Cofounder
Bill Kentrup, Cofounder and Head of Origination


Come and learn a little about infrastructure, renewables and environmental products and how Allinfra is changing the model for investing in and financing these assets.


11:30 am

Microsoft #BUIDL Ethereum Dapps with VS Code and Azure

Cale Teeter, Senior Software Development Engineer (Microsoft)


Microsoft is leading efforts to make development of applications for blockchains easier. This includes integration into the VS Code IDE with our blockchain service and partners, creating a development environment that greatly simplifies development, testing and deployment of applications leveraging blockchain technologies. In the Azure Blockchain Development Kit, the integration of serverless technologies for blockchain was introduced. We are continuing to add even more functionality available with these that also integrate with the developer tooling in VS Code. The goal is to empower all developers to become blockchain developers!

12:00 pm

Using Decentralized Consensus to Create Trusted Off-Chain Data for an On-Chain World

Greg Taschuk, Lead Engineer (TruSet)


An assessment of the successes and challenges of the TruSet Token Data Beta program, how the institutional crypto industry is using TruSet trusted token data, and what is next for TruSet as we look beyond tokens into new data markets.

12:20 pm

Lunch / Networking Break

12:40 pm

The Power of Good Tools

Nick D’Andrea, Head of Engineering, Truffle


As humans, we seek to craft our own environments and opportunities to thrive. In bootstrapping a decentralized future, we can leverage the lessons of our past to improve our ecosystem by orders of magnitude: good tools offer a foundation on which to build systems of trust, to start a feedback loop of reliable experimentation and iteration, and ultimately to move from technical possibility to making a substantive difference in our lives

1:00 pm

MetaMask, Mobile, and More!

Jason Lee, Business Development Lead (MetaMask)
Bruno Barbieri, JS (MetaMask)


We’ll discuss MetaMask, the browser extension that acts as a gateway to the decentralized web. What we’ve been working on, what’s next and why we stand out among the rest.

1:30 pm

How Business Networks are Fundamentally Changing with Blockchain

Steve Cerveny, Founder & CEO (Kaleido)
Mike J. Walker, Senior Director, Applied Innovation Team (Microsoft)
Kshitish Balhotra (Deloitte)


Building diverse business networks is one of the most challenging aspects of getting to production with blockchain. It requires bringing together participants with different IT preferences and mandates to collaborate in a common ecosystem. Join this panel of blockchain and technology leaders to gain new insights and best practices as they explore the best ways to solve one of the toughest challenges facing blockchain today.

1:50 pm

Black Girls Code: How 2 Students Made It to Devcon

Ewurabena Ashun, Curriculum Coordinator (Black Girls Code)
Cadence Patrick, Student Ambassador (Black Girls Code)
Belle Reader, Student Ambassador (Black Girls Code)


Black Girls Code aims to increase the number of women of color in the digital space by empowering girls of color ages 7 to 17 and to train 1 million girls by 2040. Black Girls Code Curriculum Coordinator Ewurabena Ashun will interview 2 student ambassadors about their experience at DevCon and how important education is for the future of empowering female minotirty students to take advantage of the over 1.4 million computing job openings.

2:15 pm

Setting the Standard: Blockchain and the Coming Token-Powered Economy

Ron Resnick, Executive Director (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance)


Blockchain has the potential to benefit everyone across the globe, not just a privileged few. However, the task of developing blockchain or tokenization solutions calls for continuous collaboration between creators and the people they will be serving. Learn how individuals, companies, consortiums, think tanks and innovators are working together to harness blockchain and tokenization to make an immediate and concrete difference around the world. Through a shared set of industry standards, blockchain can become the shared infrastructure for more and more people to collaborate with one another. By applying a standards-based approach to blockchain applications, services and tokens, global marketplaces can provide access to essential services and enable more individuals to protect their personal data and assets. Join us as we discuss the work that lies ahead, and explore how blockchain and tokenization can help make a lasting impact; from buying your next plane ticket to serving the world’s disenfranchised communities.

2:40 pm

ConsenSys R&D Projects Rapid Fire

Dr. Robert Drost, Head of ConsenSys Hub R&D


Come learn about some of ConsenSys’ new and continuing R&D work in 2019!

  • John Adler, Applied Researcher & Development Engineer (ConsenSys Hub R&D): Permissionless Practical Plasma with Merged Consensus
  • Suhabe Bugrara (ConsenSys Hub R&D): Formal Proving Correctness of Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • Will Villanueva, Cofounder & CTO (Bounties Network): Sharded Execution Model for Dapp in Ethereum 2.0

3:15 pm

Coffee and Networking Break

3:30 pm

From a Refugee to a CEO: Building Afghanistan 2.0 with #AfghanGirlsCode

Fereshteh Forough, Founder and Executive Director (Code to Inspire)


Code to Inspire uses technology education to support women in Afghanistan to fight for their social, political and economic equality.


4:00 pm

A R.A.R.E New World: Protect and Sell Digital Art

See how independent artists, fine artists, and brands use R.A.R.E to create certificates of authenticity for digital art, using the blockchain to replace paper.

May 10-11 2019
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Pioneer Works

159 Pioneer Street

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Ethereal Summit returns to New York City on May 10th-11th, continuing upon a strong tradition of championing those building the infrastructure and applications driving blockchain tech, in addition to providing a platform for the cultural and humanistic aspects of the decentralization movement

Event Themes


Cutting edge technologies transform the way we live. Explore this track to have a better pulse and understanding of how Blockchain technologies are transforming other industries and all regions of the world.


Operating at the nexus of technology, philanthropy and business, the Ethics track gathers the world leaders, thinkers and practitioners to catalyze cross-sector partnerships and drive long-term social impact. This track spotlights best practices, new innovations and connects people to one another to advance global social progress.


It's 2050. Some of us would like to live like the characters of The Jetson's, Star Trek, or Star Wars, but in reality, we're just not there yet. Dig into this track to get a better understanding of what emerging technologies will have taken shape and whether we'll have hacked space exploration and democratization.


Newbie to all things Blockchain? Don't be shy, really, you are actually in the majority on a global spectrum. Mix and mingle with other Blockchain novices and experts. Learn from leading experts while interacting with the best blockchain technologies that exist in the market.


Blockchain is fundamentally changing the Arts landscape from business models to redefining what Art means to the consumer. Join the industry heavyweights and artists as they discuss what these changes mean to this industry.

Event Speakers


Co-Founder, Ethereum; Founder, ConsenSys


Executive Director, Ethereum Foundation


Core Researcher, Ethereum Foundation


Founder and COO, Kaleido


Founder & Managing Partner, Morgan Creek Capital


Co-Founder and CEO of Messari


Board Member, New York Angels; Former Managing Director, World Economic Forum


Co-Founder and CEO, Clovyr


Principal PM, Microsoft Azure Blockchain


Unchained Podcast


Executive Director, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)


Co-founder and Principal, Delphi Digital


Partner, Placeholder Ventures


Co-Founder and CEO, OpenSea

RyanJohn King

Co-Founder and CEO, FOAM


Editor, NFTY News; Product, Dapper Labs


Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital


Founder, Gitcoin.co


Executive Director, Global Digital Finance


Founder / CEO, SpankChain


Co-Founder, Wyoming Blockchain Coalition


Co-founder, Plasma Group


Principal & Global Blockchain Leader, Ernst & Young


Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Ikigai Asset Managment


Founder and CEO, Balance.io


Partner, Primitive Ventures


Law & Technology, ConsenSys


Director of Design, Coinbase


Curator of Long Read Sundays


CEO, Lucid Sight


Founding Partner, Future/Perfect Ventures


Independent Consultant


Founder and CEO, Skale Labs


Chief Strategy Officer, ConsenSys


CEO, Galaxy Investment Partners


Head of Venture, Partner at Pantera Capital


Founder and CEO, Kaleido


New York State Assemblymember, 33rd District


Senior Director, Products, Oracle

AndyMorales Coto

Product Lead, ConsenSys Space


Ethereum Protocol Engineer


Co-Founder, CryptoChicks


CryptoChick Ambassador, US and Bahamas


Co-Founder, Connext


CMO and Cofounder, Bounties Network


Co-Founder, ConsenSys Social Impact


Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Intimate.io


Founder and CEO, Rocket Lawyer


Co-Founder and CEO, Allinfra


Co-Founder and Head of Origination, Allinfra


Co-Founder, Allinfra

HRH Queen DiambiD.R. Congo

Founder of The Elikia Hope Foundation

HeatherLeigh Flannery

Global Lead, ConsenSys Health


APAC Head of Enterprise Education, ConsenSys Academy


Applied Research Engineer, PegaSys


Blockchain Director, GE Aviation


Vice President; Business & Legal Affairs, NFL Player's Association


Lead Engineer, TruSet


Co-Lead, Alethio


CEO & Co-Founder, R.A.R.E Art


Co-Founder, OpenLaw

MikeJ. Walker

Senior Director, Applied Innovation Team, Microsoft

Dr. StevenWaterhouse

CEO and Cofounder of Orchid Labs


Cofounder, Atpar AG


Senior Director, Blockchain Technologies, VMWare


Founder and CEO, DrumG


Global Business Development; Head of ConsenSys Sports


Head of Engineering, Truffle Suite


Head of Digital Assets, ConsenSys Digital Finance


Head of Web3Studio, ConsenSys


General Manager, DrumG Technologies


Educator and Founder, Crypto Community Project


Business Development Lead, Metamask


Vice President of Business Development, OpenLaw


Founder and Executive Director, Code to Inspire


Director, ConsenSys Capital


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