The program for Ethereal Summit has been carefully designed to tell the story of decentralization over the course of a day. It features architects of the Web 3.0, futurists, media influencers, government officials, artists, musicians, and pioneers in humanitarian aid and sustainability, coming together for a day of technology storytelling in every imaginable medium.

Fixity & Flux: While much of our program is final, we are still (very selectively) adding speakers, panelists, artists, performers, and demos to our lineup. For questions about participation, please email


A World Without Middlemen // Vinay Gupta

What is Ethereum, and how is it changing our world? What does a decentralized future look like? Brought to you by technologist and policy analyst Vinay Gupta, meet the next generation of the Internet. Vinay is a prolific speaker and writer whose work on blockchain has been featured recently in Harvard Business Review and at the World Government Summit.

Understand Blockchain in 15 Minutes + Expert AMA
// Luke Robert Mason, Mike Goldin, Karl Floersch

Could you explain the blockchain at a dinner party? Science communicator and Director of Virtual Futures Luke Robert Mason brings you the clearest explanation you've ever heard. Make it your own, and experiment on friends and colleagues. Simplicity does not mean sacrificing technical precision, thanks to the expertise of leading blockchain architects Mike Goldin and Karl Floersch.

Nation OS: Prototyping the Future of Government
//Rachel Haot, Laurent Lamothe, Cab Morris, Giorgi Vashadze, Jean Philbert
//Moderator: Rahilla Zafar

Find out how governments around the world are implementing cutting-edge technologies to offer higher-quality services to citizens. Are blockchain and decentralizing technologies a challenge to government authority, or the foundational layer of truly “smart” cities, states, and nations?

Building a Technology of Inclusion
// Rahilla Zafar, Rosanna Chan, Tracy Chadwell
// Moderator: Meltem Demirors

Driving openness and transparency, blockchain is inherently a technology of inclusion. How can women and traditionally underrepresented groups in technology innovation seize this opportunity and lead the blockchain revolution?

Creators First: Art & Film Patronage Re-Imagined for Web 3.0
//Laurenzo Mefsut, Kim Jackson, Mitzi Peirone
// Moderator: Benton Bainbridge

Find out how artists and filmmakers are turning to breakthrough technologies to cut out the middleman and regain ownership over the creative process. Panelists include founders and users of innovative platforms that allow creators to connect with their fans and communities more intimately and directly than ever before.

The Token Economy: Exchange in 3 Dimensions
//Brock Pierce, Jalak Jobanputra, William Mougayar
//Moderator: Weifund Founder

Between tokens, cryptocurrencies, and crowdfunding, the barrier to entry to entrepreneurship seems to be getting lower. Tokens promise to to open up certain economies for the first time, for instance, the world of micro-transactions as processing costs approach zero. What is a token, how is it made, and why? Will legacy fundraising systems change to accommodate these new models, or get disrupted by them?

Global Financial Institutions 2.0

//Rosanna Chan, Alyse Killeen

Today’s global-scale institutions are fundamentally a reflection of the conditions of the 20th century - a time that’s increasingly different from our modern 21st century. Are-imagination of these institutions, identifying what remains relevant, what’s obsolete, and what’s new, is necessary in response to blockchain disruption. Blockchain technology provides the new ability to securely transact without centralized, institutional, intermediaries, e.g. Global Financial Institutions. Will 20th century institutions adapt or be overcome by foreknowing entrepreneurs? Where are the opportunities for institutional revolution?

Open Source Entrepreneurship: The Future of Venture Capital?
//Alyse Killeen, Andrew Parker, Lucy Wang, Brad Burnham
//Moderator: Ron Garrett

The open source movement has existed for as long as computing. However, the surge of interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency is driving new interest by venture capitalists in companies that build and rely upon open-source software. What kinds of open-source business models to VC's seek out? How is the VC industry thinking about blockchain and other transformative technologies, and what types of startups are they interested in funding?

Take Back Your Digital Freedom, Starting With Your Data
// Patrick Deegan, Jake Porway, Alicia Carmona, Melanie Shapiro
// Moderator:
Michael Sena

Who owns your data? In this conversation, we discuss the solutions being built to restore control over data to the individual, and imagine how we can create a better system that puts the user first on the Web 3.0. Blockchain and identity experts from uPort, ID2020, and more explain what steps you can take today, and the social and political implications of self-sovereign identity.

A Penny for Your Thoughts: Tokenizing the Attention Economy
// Maciej Olpinski, Meher Roy, Ryan King
// Moderator: Simon de la Rouviere

What is your attention worth? Every time you watch an ad, share a meme, or use a Twitter hashtag, value is subtly being exchanged. On the decentralized Web 3.0 we can actually capture that value and offer it to users. Join us for an exploration of “meme markets” and what the economies of the future will look like when the Internet gets an update.

Conscientious Consumption Starts With the Supply Chain
//Tyler Smith, Tyler Mulvihill, Amanda Matilda, Brian Iselin
//Moderator: Vanessa Grellet

As conscientious consumers increasingly demand to know the story behind the products they buy, businesses are taking a serious look at their supply chain to guarantee high standards of authenticity, sustainability, and ethical behavior. If you are what you eat, what you wear, the car that you drive, you deserve to know — enabled by the first technologies that truly make it possible.

Interlocking Futures: Blockchain + AI, VR, Robotics, IoT
// Courtney Harding, Max Rebo, Peter Asaro
// Moderator: Leigh Christie

Breakthrough technologies are working together to create a network affect and in the not-so-far future, dramatically change the way we live. Instead of operating in silos, experts in these industries are working together to incorporate knowledge from one another's fields. Learn about the progress and challenges of bringing what was once science fiction to reality.

Reporting on a Revolution: What's at Stake for Media Covering Tech
// Matt Leising, Laura Shin, Alex Klokus, Morgen Peck, Robert Hackett
// Moderator: Jolene Creighton

How would you explain the Internet in 1980? In its early years, many believed it would never have widespread or commercial use. Some of the biggest breakthroughs are nearly impossible to explain at the beginning. But the stakes are incredibly high, as media narratives shape how regulators, companies, and the public imagine new technologies as forces of order or chaos, profit or loss, good or evil. Find out how some of today's most talented technology storytellers and journalists approach the challenge.


Powering Up: The Clean Tech Reinvention of the Energy Grid
//Martin Lundfall, Garrett MacDonald, Elisa Achterberg, Alex Zinder
//Moderator: Alessandro Voto

Today energy is largely controlled by centralized systems. This can pose tremendous risks. But with the help of cutting-edge technologies, we have a unique opportunity to decentralize our energy grids, track our energy consumption at an incredible level of detail, and make choices that favor sustainability with the help of rich data sets. Meet the minds behind new networks and grids of power, that put the user back in control.

Farm to Chain: Building Sustainable Global Villages
//William E Bodell III, Jason Green, Ryan Hooks, Melissa Meyer
//Moderator: Niran Babalola

Mass production changed the way we consume, and gave rise to massive centralized systems that perpetuate a waste epidemic. Today, emerging technologies offer us an opportunity to course-correct and if we choose, return to a village model — but optimized for efficiency, and operating on a global scale.

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: New Business Models in a Decentralizing World
//Kishore Atreya, Jared Harwayne-Gidansky, Juan Llanos

//Moderator: William Mougayar

Are decentralizing technologies disrupting legacy business? The Harvard Business Review recently wrote that blockchain is “foundational” rather than “disruptive”, offering a platform for new types of businesses and value creation. Others are less sure. Which businesses will survive in an open-source future, and how will they monetize? Learn from the businesspeople at the forefront of implementing blockchain technology.

State of Play: The Next Level in eSports and Gaming
//David Gzesh, Marco Cuestra, Christopher Gonsalves
//Moderator: Ryan Gittleson

Meet the minds transforming the way we play. More often than not, entertainment, e-sports, and gaming actually lead the adoption of new technologies, bringing other industries along in their wake. Virtual reality is already an excellent example of this phenomenon. Explore how decentralizing technologies, tokens, and novel business models are bringing about revolutions in user experience, safety, and fun.

When Wellness Gets Personal: Data, Access, and the Future of Health
//Tamara St. Claire, Diego Espinosa, Markeze Bryant
//Moderator: Anne Connelly

The 20th century ushered in the belief that every person had a right to medical care. Although we are far from achieving global health, today we are pushing that notion even further. Individuals increasingly access their genetic information, patients demand control over their data, and possibly in the future, their self-evolution rights, while personalized medicine, life extension, and computational biology push our capabilities forward. How are new technologies changing the meaning of wellness, and who gets to have it?

Liquid Democracy, Crypto Anarchy, Futarchy: New Tools & Frontiers in Governance
// Matt Liston, Federico Ast, Santiago Siri, Dave Perry
// Moderator: Carolyn Reckhow

Voting on the blockchain was a hot topic this election cycle, but it's only the beginning. Enabled by open-source software, smart contracts, and peer-to-peer networks, there are abundant possibilities for new types of political systems. Explore prediction markets, blockchain-powered adjudication, and decentralized governance tools with the architects of Gnosis, Sovereign, Boardroom, and CrowdJury.

A Global Marketplace: The Next Frontier in Financial Inclusion
// Sam Cassatt, Rosanna Chan, Ashish Gadnis, Thomas Jankovich
// Moderator: Kate Mulder

Today 2.5 billion people, the “unbanked”, are locked out of the global economy. Others lack access to basic government institutions that provide identity and enforce laws, or lose their claims to property through natural disasters or becoming refugees. However, from new micro-loan platforms to blockchain-based identity, tools are being built that could enable developing and underserved areas of the world to leapfrog post-industrial nations.


SingularDTV: Building a Decentralized Entertainment Economy // Zach LeBeau

Zach LeBeau unveils the 11 modules and applications that make up the SingularDTV experience, from rights and revenue management to film and television distribution.

When Crypto Goes Global: Bitcoin & Developing Economies // Elizabeth Rossiello

BitPesa, where Rossiello is founder and CEO, is known around the world for using digital currency to help improve business in sub-Saharan Africa. Learn about her journey to starting one of the most successful companies in the space, and her vision for a frictionless, borderless future where entrepreneurs are empowered to meet their potential.


The Network Society of the Future // David Orban

How can we prepare for a future transformed by breakthrough technologies? Find out from Singularity University and Network Society Ventures' David Orban.

Ethereum: Taking Back Control of The Internet // Joseph Lubin

What makes Ethereum different from all other blockchains? Ethereum is powering a revolution in how we think about some of the most essential organizing mechanisms of society, trust and identity. To wrap up the day, Ethereum co-founder and ConsenSys founder Joe Lubin offers his vision of a decentralized world.